Thursday, March 27, 2014

ADF User Preferences

ADF Provides extension to standard Java Preferences API and is maintained in MDS Repository. 

You can reference following Javadoc and Blog:
But this does not work in Plain ADF application and you will run into following exception.
oracle.mds.exception.ReadOnlyStoreException: MDS-01273: The operation on the resource /oracle/adf/share/prefs/data/preferences.xml failed because source metadata store mapped to the namespace / DEFAULT is read only.
To resolve this issue, change your application's adf-config.xml file as highlighted below.

          <namespace path="/oracle/adf/share/prefs" metadata-store-usage="MAR_TargetRepos"/>
          <namespace path="/persdef" metadata-store-usage="MAR_TargetRepos"/>
          <metadata-store-usage id="MAR_TargetRepos" deploy-target="true" default-cust-store="true">